Embed GitHub Actions
in your Docs

Effortlessly navigate and share deploy docs & release runbooks.

“This is actually insanely cool.” —Empole
GitHub Actions + RUNME = 🤯
$ brew install runme
$ npx runme
Runme for VS Code

Open Source & Free

Unbreak your docs and runbooks. Runme combined with GitHub Actions for VS Code lets you understand when to trigger what workflow, monitor results, and stay in control without having to bend over backward.

Uplevel Docs & Runbooks
Cut releases and approve gated deploys directly from where procedures are documented.
Skip Context-Switching
No need to remember URLs, projects, logins, and passwords. Trigger workflows directly from markdown.
Team Work
Make shipping software easier by sharing how-to docs that your team can run.
100% Markdown
Won't break your existing tool chain. Based on open source and open standards.

Tell me more...

Read the announcement post to learn how RUNME can help connect the dots between relevant GitHub Actions workflows and your deploy and release processes. We'll cover the fundamental concepts, discuss their benefits, and showcase practical examples demonstrating their versatility.
Read the Announcement
Lizz Parody
by Lizz Parody