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Get involved with Runme and stay up to date with new features and functionality!

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Connect with other developers about their tools

Our Discord server is the best way to participate in our community. Bring your questions, requests, ideas and showcases. Since Runme is Open Source we are especially happy to help you get setup with the code and contribute.
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Shape the Runme roadmap and priorities

Every two weeks we meet in Discord to talk about recent developments, the roadmap and to answer any questions from our users!
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Open Source

Help and support to get Runme working for you

Runme is comprised of a few different code repositories on GitHub and we work hard to make them approachable by eating our own dogfood. We really want to support contributors, so give it a try and don't be afarid ti ask for help.


Stay up to date with new features and functionality

Get notified about Runme articles and other cool topics, we email infrequently, you can unsubscribe at any time and we try to keep the content focused and useful.
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The project website and documentation.


The Go server and CLI interface.


The VS Code extension.


A GitHub action to run Runme in CI.