Interactive Runbooks
Built with Markdown
Runme combines your docs with everything great about scripting and pipelines.
Open source and compatible with the dev toolchain. Runme integrates perfectly with your existing toolkit.
Make Runbooks Interactive
$ brew install runme$ npx runmeRunme for VS Code
Many Languages
Supports running commands/snippets written in Javascript, Typescript, Shell, Lua, Perl, Python and Ruby. More to come!
Many Languages
Kernel Architecture
Runme is like Jupyter but with a Shell/Bash Kernel, shared environment sessions, lightweight dependencies, and both a CLI and notebook UI.
Kernel Architecture
Runners: Notebook & CLI
Choose the 'click to play' notebook experience or jump right into the terminal with the CLI.
Runners: Notebook & CLI
Open Platform & Standards
Built on the VS Code platform, open source and 100% markdown compatible. Also runs in Codespaces, Gitpod, VSCodium, and in the browser using coder/code-server.
Open Platform & Standards
Continuous Integration
Test your runbooks and docs against your app using the Runme CLI, or our GitHub Action.
Continuous Integration
Bring your Tasks
Works with Makefile, NPM/Pipfile Scripts, Rake, Gradle, Grunt/Gulp, etc.
Bring your Tasks
Get started with
▶️ Runme Cloud ☁️
Never miss a beat when working with critical infrastructure.
Runbooks that have your back
Squash broken docs. Leverage AI to rewrite command block descriptions on every change. Test runbooks in CI/CD in preparation for pager duty.
What happened and why?
Implement critical changes with confidence. Save, review, and share runbook sessions. Combine the benefits of scripting and piplines based on open standards.
Something always breaks
Ditch screenshots and incomplete copy & pastes. Save individual cells and notebook sessions with all relevant contextual information. Safely share with your team.
Is it safe to continue?
Let runbooks keep you on track with immediate feedback by verifying intermediary outputs against references. Move forward with confidence one step at a time.
Runme Cloud Features
Runme works with your pre-existing documentation, so no extra infrastructure to build, maintain, or manage.
No extra TCO or bus factor.
Loved by Engineers
Runme makes it easy to keep documentation as the source of truth for what I actually run. Anything that's more than a line, and even a bunch of one liners, now goes into a MD file, and I can quickly and easily (re)run them whenever I need. It saves me from dozens of copy/paste mistakes a day, and I cannot live without it any more!
Runme makes your project documentation a step by step runbook. Even for non-technical users. Thanks for creating such a neat utility.
Mike Lockhart
This is super exciting! I often find myself wishing that I could use Jupyter Notebooks in other contexts... RUNME is an ideal solution here, and brings us back towards literate computing for broader devops.
Runme organized our docs and technical processes. This is a fantastic tool for both solo development and team work. And the best part is it's all markdown, with 100% compatibility with other tools. Runme is already irreplaceable in my workflow.
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