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Run your|

Everything a markdown file can do and way more. No changes required.

Install the extension

or search runme in the VS Code extension panel

Runme Demo

Learn about v1.0 roadmap and 🔥 new features

How it works

Use dev-native markdown to craft interactive runbooks for
VS Code.

Click to run commands

Effortlessly complete your README's steps

Rich notebook interactivity

Overlay commands with web app like interactivity

Baseline shell compatibility

Break out of shell without losing compatability

Stateful environment variables

Reliably define the execution environment

Click to copy

Copy & paste commands and their output

Cloud-native notebooks

Deeply integrated with your favorite cloud services

Command Line Interface

Parse and run markdown files in the terminal.

Terminal with runme list command
$ brew install


Other platforms available


Visibility and status embedded inline in your docs.

Getting Started

Learn how to install Runme as CLI or VS Code Extension.

Click Install Extension to add Runme to your VS Code.


Define the execution behavior of code blocks through annotations.

Add a background annotation to run a task in the background.


Everything is open source and we love your contributions.

Read our Contributing Guidelines for more information.