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We are excited about a better future for intrastructure operators, and interactive runbooks are just the beginning. We're looking for self motivated teammates who love hard problems and building community.

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Come work with us if...

You're excited about unlocking markdown's potential

Dive into our world where markdown isn't just text, but the starting point for dynamic command-line experiences built with Go.



You want to craft the future of command collaboration

Be a part of our journey in creating a web platform where command outputs aren't just logs, but stories to be shared and learned from, built with Typescript.

You're passionate about elevating runbooks with VS Code

Collaborate with us to redefine what can be done with interactive notebooks, we're merging the elegance of markdown with the power of VS Code.



You want to plunge deep into the DevOps ecosystem

Join our mission where parsers, pseudo terminals, and intricate dev toolchains aren't complexities but avenues for reshaping how DevOps operates.

You're eager to shape next-Gen command line experiences

Join us in blending intuitive markdown parsing with advanced CLI design to redefine user interactions and efficiency.