Runbooks that Blend Pipeline
Structure and Script Flexibility

Runme transforms your docs into interactive runbooks to effortlessly streamline operations.

"Runme organized our docs and processes, a fantastic tool for solo and team work. It's markdown-based, highly compatible with other tools, and indispensable in my workflow."
Dmitry Radkovskiy
Dmitry Radkovskiy,
$ brew install runme
$ npx runme
Runme for VS Code
Make Your Knowledge, Workflows and Code Shareable.
Runme Does More than Automation.
  1. Make Interactive, Flexible Pipelines
  2. Collaborate Better on Bugs and Incidents
  3. Get Useful Output Records Automatically
  4. Avoid the 2am Outdated Runbook Scenario
  5. Prevent Bus Factor, Get Off Pager, and Go On Vacation for Real
  6. Work with Your Code, Structured Intuitively
  7. Share Code and Results Effortlessly
Runme works with your pre-existing documentation, so no extra infrastructure to build, maintain, or manage. No extra TCO or bus factor.
Make Interactive, Flexible Pipelines
Some jobs aren’t repetitive enough for regular pipelines. Turn step-by-step workflows into dynamic pipelines. Instantly check outputs. Runme builds on docs, so if you have docs, you’re ready to start.
Coming soon: Logs and audit trails.
Collaborate Better on Bugs & Incidents

Build shareable procedures to work through known indicators and signals during service degradations to help figure out if it’s an incident.

Create higher fidelity reports and share outputs with the team in Slack, with the relevant expert, or with somebody with more time to dig in. Then turn the fix into an easy way to teach and learn from the shared solution.

Get Useful Output Records Automatically

Track outputs by step. Easily make records for compliance and work in heavily regulated industries.

Create shareable artifacts of problems, inputs, outputs, and fixes for recordkeeping.

Avoid the 2am Outdated Runbook Scenario

With Runme, your documentation and workflow are the same thing. Spot divergences ASAP because you're running your docs regularly.

Close the loop between making changes, checking outputs and updating your docs.

Prevent Bus Factor, Get Off Pager, and Go On Vacation for Real
Guide people through workflows with exact steps and exact results so they can do what you do. Codify your knowledge and make golden paths for teammates and devs with different expertise to you. QA your docs and workflows to be truly step-by-step and verifiable.
Open source and compatible with the dev toolchain. Runme integrates perfectly with your existing toolkit.
Runme makes it easy to keep documentation as the source of truth for what I actually run. Anything that's more than a line, and even a bunch of one liners, now goes into a MD file, and I can quickly and easily (re)run them whenever I need. It saves me from dozens of copy/paste mistakes a day, and I cannot live without it any more!
Runme makes your project documentation a step by step runbook. Even for non-technical users. Thanks for creating such a neat utility.
Mike Lockhart
This is super exciting! I often find myself wishing that I could use Jupyter Notebooks in other contexts... RUNME is an ideal solution here, and brings us back towards literate computing for broader devops.
Runme organized our docs and technical processes. This is a fantastic tool for both solo development and team work. And the best part is it's all markdown, with 100% compatibility with other tools. Runme is already irreplaceable in my workflow.
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$ brew install runme
$ npx runme
Runme for VS Code