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Install Runme

The VS Code Extension

Open the Extensions Tab in the VS Code sidebar and search for "Runme".

Alternatively you can go the VS Code Marketplace and click the green Install button.

That's it. Now, any time you open a Markdown file (*.md or *.mdx) it will open as Runme notebook.

If you want to test drive cutting edge features, Runme offers regular edge-releases you can simply switch channels from the ⚙️ (gear) icon's "Switch to Pre-Release/Release" respectively.

The Command Line Interface

On macOS you can install runme via which receives regular updates:

$ brew install stateful/tap/runme

Alternatively, check out runme's releases and select a binary for your OS/arch. Let us know on Discord if you have a preferred distribution mechansim.

With Go dev tools installed, you can install runme with go install:

$ go install