Getting started with DevOps automation

Runme turns code snippets from your files into possible actions inside your editor. Avoid errors, assemble choose-your-own-adventure runbooks with no additional work, and create interactive references.

"Damn, this'll be a godsend for all those Docker commands."
— xeonm

DevOps and Automation 🫶

Bring automation in DevOps into your workflow, your way, customized to your projects and built out of your own project documentation.

Test your runbooks and support documentation from inside the docs
Runme is Open Source
We ❤️ Literate Programming
Execute commands from inside your documentation

What Devs Say about Runme

Nice work! Always excited to see more people getting hip to this style of mixing prose and code.
Wow! Just turned it on
very cool. can't wait to try this!
Nicee!! Will be testing it soon with few onboarding docs 🫡
The more I think about this, the more I realize I could probably accomplish what I'd like by just calling the process from the shell […] so I will install this and try to make the switch happen.
This is super exciting! I often find myself wishing that I could use Jupyter Notebooks in other contexts... RUNME is an ideal solution here, and brings us back towards literate computing for broader devops.
Mike Lockhart
I love the idea of being able to test the README docs and letting users quickly run through the getting started pages.


What is Runme?
Runme runs READMEs. It's a tool to let you execute commands from inside runbooks and docs.
Is runme free?
Yes. Runme is open source and completely free.
How do I install runme?
Got to our Github repo here to install the Runme extension in VS Code.
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Why We Made Runme

"We made Runme because we wanted documentation to be an easier to use part of projects. And because no one should have to deal with tedious, repetitive work instead of getting to create exciting, new things. Runme can help with all that.”
— Adam and Sebastian (Runme Cofounders)