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Why Runme?

Thank you for interest in Runme 💟!

Runme is a human-centric approach to providing and consuming code repository documentation. It's designed to progressively bridge the widening developer experience gaps in a cloud-native age. Gaps such as low integration between building blocks employed to deliver apps and services, error-prone copy&paste-management of dev environments, docs that have fallen behind undetect, and the vault lines of commonplace tools which were designed for machines not humans.

Readme as Notebook and Markdown side-by-side

🌈 Runme will let you

  • Easily onramp via your existing (any markdown docs) with zero changes
  • Intuitively run your commands (shell) in a notebook UX inside your IDE
  • Make edits and author markdown docs inside of a notebook UX
  • Alternatively the runme CLI is available for power users
  • Curate developer experiences using Runme's subtle command block annotations
  • Use commonplace git workflows to continuously improve your docs, just like code
  • Continue to display your docs in Markdown-compatible viewers

🛣 What's on the roadmap

Review development progress in Runme's roadmap A few highlights of what's coming:

  • Just like code, test your documentation in Continiuous Integration
  • Switch back and forth between notebook and terminal UX seamlessly
  • Notebook UX tweaks and integrations for both authors and users
  • And more - tell us about your feature request on Discord

💡 Telemetry to provide insights for Runme improvements

Any telemetry information emitted is pseudo-anonymized (no PII whatsoever) and the emitter will respect VS Code's global "send no telemetry" (id: telemetry.telemetryLevel) setting. The purpose of collecting this information is to continuously improve the Runme experience for developers.

Telemetry collected includes:

  • Buttons clicked & commands triggered
  • Total cells and how many are being executed
  • Extension activation and deactivation
  • Notebook opened and saved (incl. metadata; file names are obfuscated)

Please find us on Discord ( if you have any questions.